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Inforays, based in India is a leading name in linguistic outsourcing. Inforays is a Language Services Provider has long-term partnerships with clients and agencies all over the world for their requirements of translation and localization into Indian languages.

With globalization, many companies are expanding their business into the vast Indian market. Also with migration of large number of Indians to countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia, local government and other services need to translate all documents into Indian languages to cater to this Indian population segment.

Inforays outsources these translations into India and helps you to get the work done at significant cost advantage while maintaining quality. Inforaysí linguistic services handle all Indian languages and a number of European & Asian languages.
Inforays is managed by an entrepreneurial team with significant expertise in the linguistic and localization industry. The team also has experience in managing offshore outsourcing projects in areas of content development and education.

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